Neue Nationalgalerie

Towards the end of last year Ronen Bekerman ran a competition that involved using a premade model of one of Mies van der Rohe’s masterpieces - The Neue Nationalgalerie.

As well as being given the model we also had to use Maxwell Render.  I had never used Maxwell before but I thought I would give it a go.  I’m always up for a challenge!!

Straight out of the box Maxwell was really easy to use.  Production render times were quite long but unnecessary when testing.  Now to master Maxwell is a different story.  Throughout the competition I found myself redoing things over and over as I got my head around the amazing realistic material parameters – I still don’t really know if I was doing things correctly but I was happy with the outcome. 

Another first for me was modelling a car (The Shelby Cobra).  I have modelled many things before but never a car.  This was an enjoyable journey and I will definitely use Maxwell again.  I was lucky to place 2nd Runner up behind Bertrand Benoit and Stefan Hirschsteiner who both did amazing pieces.  Bertrand modelled all the surrounding buildings – that was an epic undertaking in itself!! 

The idea was to create a contrast between the harsh modern lines of the NNG and the sleek beautiful curves of what are classic cars today.  I tried to use cars of a similar era to the NNG so around the late 60s and early 70s and give the same style to images overall.

Like always Thanks to Ronen Bekerman for hosting the competition and the sponsors – Next Limit Technologies, Designconnected and 3DWorld Magazine.

Also there is a making of my entry here on Ronenbekerman.com

So here are the images.