River Power - Off the Grid

This competition was run by 3DAllusions.  This was first time posting work on this website.  I found the community here very friendly but I did recognize quite a few people from other forums.  It is not uncommon to come across the same people across all the Arch Viz forums.  

The brief for this competition was straight forward – Create a scene using a premade house model that is “Off the Grid”.  This could be and was done in various ways and techniques.  By adding items such as wind turbines and solar panels was one way or by creating a scene that was rich with natural resources where one could simply live off the grid.

For my Entry I chose a bit of both.  Living in New Zealand there is ample opportunity to live off the grid and many beautiful settings to do it in.  I chose to reference Dart River in the lower half of the South Island of New Zealand.  Te Awa Wakatipu (Dart River in Maori the native language) is a rapid moving river and felt like a great place for Micro- Hydro Water Turbines.  These turbines use the natural flow of the water to generate electricity – just enough to run a few lights and the odd power one may need.  This of course would not be allowed in reality or you may need a whole bunch of expensive permits making it not cost effective but this is CG.

I wanted my entry to truly feel off the grid so there was no road in or out, only on foot or kayak.  I chose a moody grey overcast sky to accentuate the ruggedness of the landscape which is a typical day in NZ.

You can check my 3DAllusions thread here to see the process I went through during the competition.  Thanks to 3DAllusions for putting on a great competition and thank you to the sponsors and judges.

Software used was the usual 3DSMax2011 with Vray2.0, Forest Pro and Grow FX for the trees.  The Rocks were modelled in Zbrush the same as the Rocks I did for the Zen garden in the Evermotion Exterior competition.  I dabbled in a few different modelling options for the mountains which included Zbrush and Vue but ended up using GeoControl 2 which I found pretty awesome but quite difficult to use.  I think I ended up with some pretty realistic mountains?