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It has been quite a while since I have posted anything bar the Autodesk Cover entry in the previous post.  We have actually been quite busy which is a nice change in the Arch Viz world.
Below are the pieces I submitted for the Ronen Bekerman’s latest Architectural Visualization Competition.  This is the second of the Ronen Bekerman competitions I have entered and I was lucky to win a place this time around too.  The other was the Hover Challenge which can be found on this blog.

My entry won the best texturing category in the Open Category Awards.  I am actually really proud of this as I did put quite a lot of effort into the texturing this time.  I found the theme of the competition very difficult and it was a slow start for me.

There is a lack of life in my renders which was picked up by the judges and I would have loved to have had people in the renders but I’m not quite there yet – maybe next time.  The life was supposed to come from the various items in the scene however this was not pulled off.

Everything in the scene I modeled from scratch except the snow covered trees which are from Evermotion.  The autumn trees were modeled in Exlevel’s GrowFX and the snow was done using Snowflow which is a great little plugin.

Half of the Graffiti graphics were also done by me (the ones in the foreground).  I used 3DSmax2011 with VRay 2.0.  I used Forest Pro for the grass.  The DOF was rendered in VRay.  

Although I found the theme quite a challenge which I feel was reflected in my final images I still thoroughly enjoyed this competition and look forward to the next. 

Congratulations to the winners - Once again there were some amazing work done.  And of course thanks to Ronen Bekerman and the sponsors for another great comp!


Autodesk Island

This was my entry in the Autodesk cover competition last year.  It’s a little cliché and looking back now they probably received many entries likes this (overhead camera – logo forming some sort of landmass).  I didn’t really spend an insane amount of time on it but I did enjoy the process with creating a tropical Island of sorts.

I really like the winning entry.  A lot more thought had gone it to that entry and definitely deserved top place.  I wish I could have seen more of the other entries.

Software used was 3dsmax2012 with VRay2.0 and Forest Pro.  It was a pretty basic setup using the daylight system with a VRay Sun & VRay Sky.

Large Version: