Valley House - Aotearoa

It has been a while since I have posted anything and worked on something I was remotely happy with.  There has been a lot of amazing work posted recently.

These images come on the back on the last entry I made for the exterior component of the last Evermotion competition (re use of rocks from the Japanese garden).  Actually the original Idea for this house is a couple of years old now.  I did an internal render for an even earlier Evermotion competition – that can be found on my blog.

I decided to take a different approach to these renders both in the design of the house and its surroundings.  I added a little New Zealand (where I am from) flavour to the images.  The house is situated in Arthur’s Pass in the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand.  The design incorporates natural materials from the area but also materials typically found in high end houses in NZ.  We don’t really have many Stucco type houses down here – not nice ones anywayJ

Because this was my own design I struggled a little with time management.  Then the Ronen Bekerman CityLife comp started and I just wanted to finish this and be done.  I might come back to it later (probably not).  There are definitely parts of the images that could be improved but overall I’m happy with them.

And yes the Southern man is still known to sport a Cowboy hat down here.

The first exterior wide shot was actually finished a couple of months ago so it is missing a few of the interior components I added later.  I really only focused on the dining area that sits over an internal pond that flows back into the river.  If you see in earlier posts I am a big fan of FLW so there are some definite design cues taken from the American architect.

The three main images are rendered at morning (wide shot), midday (dining) and dusk (deck).

I used 3dsmax2011 and VRay 2.1, Post was done in PS and DOF with Lenscare in AE.  I used Forest pro for the grass and trees.  Also I used Zbrush for the Maori Statue – modelled from a dynamesh sphere.