Welcome, make yourself at home.

I thought it was about time that I had my own little space on the web to showcase various CG pieces I create.  I'm not really a fan of the term "CG" but that is exactly what it is.  Is it art? lets say it is.  I may post some hand drawn pieces every now and then but ultimately they will be part of the process that ends in another CG piece.  Anyway, whatever I do I will post it here.

Until now I have work scattered across various image hosting sites and forums.  They will still remain on these sites forever archived I guess.  However, I hope to create a gallery of sorts in one place using this "blog" format (nothing new I know).

I thought the best place to start was to post all the work from competitions I have entered over the past couple of years.  So over the next couple of weeks or so I hope to have them all on this blog.

I will start with the first one I entered - only seems right to post them in chronological order.  Stay tuned.