Make Us Wish We Were There

The title says it all.  Another competition entry this time for Vizdepot.com.  Vizdepot is an online community dedicated to visualisation.  I personally find it hard to be active on all the main forums.  I do see a lot of the same people crop up - I have no idea how they do it but I guess its good that there are people out there that dedicate what I feel is probably a large portion of there time to help.  Anyway Vizdepot - another forum with lots of helpful people ready to answer hard questions.

This competition actually provided the model this time around.  The idea was to not change the model too much but to interpret in your style for a place where you wish you were there.

Our company had done a couple of flashy resorts in and around Dubai and I thought I could take what we had done one step further for this competition.  I barely changed the model - I just added a little extra detail here and there.  It was all about the mood for the image.

I was lucky enough to win 4th runner up in this competition and win some very useful prizes.  Thanks to Vizdepot.com and all the sponsors.

I also did a "making of" for Vizdepot.com which I will post the link here as soon as the site is back up and running which I hope is soon.

Software used: 3dsmax2010, Mental Ray, ZBrush, Onyx Tree, Photoshop & Aftereffects.