Back in July last year Ronen Bekerman hosted his 2nd arch viz challenge themed "Hover". 

Ronen Bekerman is another very popular forum for the arch viz industry that has plenty to offer.

This was probably the most interesting competition I have done to date. I felt the theme gave room for some interesting and different ways to look at architecture and to move away from the conventional.  This is the approach I took anyway and ended up with 4th runner up which I was very pleased with.

The idea behind my entry was to create a residential building that was more open than the conventional closed in housing blocks we commonly see (probably for practical reasons). I wanted to create a ‘green’ 3-dimensional suburb. There would be outdoor breakout spaces on the various levels.  In the end I think I ended up with a 'post apocalyptic industrial style' type building.

I used 3dsmax2011 with mental ray for rendering.  Forest Pro to scatter the trees and grass.  A little ZBrush here and there and Photoshop for the post.

Once again there were many great entries and I was proud to be among the winners.  Thanks to Ronen, the judges and the sponsors.

You can find a making of my entry here.

Here are my final images: