FLW - Ennis House

Yes Frank Lloyd Wright.  One of my favourite American architects.  I modelled this view of the Ennis House early 2009 and then submitted it for the CGArchitect 3d Awards the same year.  I used only photo references and a roof plan I managed to find at the time - now there is lots of reference and street view on Google maps.

The Ennis House (1924) is an amazing example of one the first concrete houses built.  It is now a California State Landmark.  It was the last and most monumental of the L.A textile block homes Wright did.  I'm a fan.

The first colour render is the render I submitted.  I also made some different lighting scenarios and a B+W version for fun.  Modelled in 3dsmax2008 and rendered with Mental Ray.  All post work done in Photoshop.