AAndres Shelving

Yet another competition.  Evermotion again July 2010.  This one was a little different and quite interesting this time.  The theme was to create a visualisation using the high quality modular furniture by AAndres.  Check out the website - the quality of this furniture is amazing!  We had to respect the proportions and materiality of the furniture.

I struggled with this one a little - I found it quite difficult not to detract from the shelving and to keep focus on what the images were about.  I tried to avoid the typical library setup that was widely used and approached it from more of a "new shop opening" while the furniture was still being assembled. 
Did I succeed, who knows?

In the end I was happy with my final renders but I did not place anywhere.  The interesting thing about this competition was that the owner himself was very active on commenting on the images during the competition.

Here is my thread on the Evermotion site where you can see some wip.

Software used: 3dsmax2010, Mental Ray, Photoshop & Aftereffects.