Back in July last year Ronen Bekerman hosted his 2nd arch viz challenge themed "Hover". 

Ronen Bekerman is another very popular forum for the arch viz industry that has plenty to offer.

This was probably the most interesting competition I have done to date. I felt the theme gave room for some interesting and different ways to look at architecture and to move away from the conventional.  This is the approach I took anyway and ended up with 4th runner up which I was very pleased with.

The idea behind my entry was to create a residential building that was more open than the conventional closed in housing blocks we commonly see (probably for practical reasons). I wanted to create a ‘green’ 3-dimensional suburb. There would be outdoor breakout spaces on the various levels.  In the end I think I ended up with a 'post apocalyptic industrial style' type building.

I used 3dsmax2011 with mental ray for rendering.  Forest Pro to scatter the trees and grass.  A little ZBrush here and there and Photoshop for the post.

Once again there were many great entries and I was proud to be among the winners.  Thanks to Ronen, the judges and the sponsors.

You can find a making of my entry here.

Here are my final images:

AAndres Shelving

Yet another competition.  Evermotion again July 2010.  This one was a little different and quite interesting this time.  The theme was to create a visualisation using the high quality modular furniture by AAndres.  Check out the website - the quality of this furniture is amazing!  We had to respect the proportions and materiality of the furniture.

I struggled with this one a little - I found it quite difficult not to detract from the shelving and to keep focus on what the images were about.  I tried to avoid the typical library setup that was widely used and approached it from more of a "new shop opening" while the furniture was still being assembled. 
Did I succeed, who knows?

In the end I was happy with my final renders but I did not place anywhere.  The interesting thing about this competition was that the owner himself was very active on commenting on the images during the competition.

Here is my thread on the Evermotion site where you can see some wip.

Software used: 3dsmax2010, Mental Ray, Photoshop & Aftereffects.


Interior Scene

The competition was run early 2010 by Evermotion, a very well known forum for CG artists around the world. 

I had been a member on Evermotion for a few years and never posted anything so I thought I would make a start by doing this competition.

The theme for this competition was simple: to create an interior scene - "existing or your own".  I had been working on a design of a house (sort of a dream house I guess) and I thought this was a great opportunity to model the house up in 3D - a good time to get the ball rolling on where I was going with the design.  Like I said in an earlier post I am a huge fan of the architecture by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  I think it easy to see that I was heavily influenced by FLW's textile block houses.

Although I was reasonably happy with the outcome of the image I was not sure about the direction of the interior styling - I will revisit this house in the future for sure.  Stay tuned. 

This competition had some fantastic entries where the artists placed were well deserved.  I enjoyed the process of working on my own design and looked forward to the next.
The link for my thread in the competition here.  You can see a sketch of the plan, early wip white renders and some raw renders before post was applied to the final renders.

Software used was: 3dsmax2010, Mental Ray, ZBrush, OnyxTree, Photoshop & Aftereffects.

These were my final submitted images.


Make Us Wish We Were There

The title says it all.  Another competition entry this time for Vizdepot.com.  Vizdepot is an online community dedicated to visualisation.  I personally find it hard to be active on all the main forums.  I do see a lot of the same people crop up - I have no idea how they do it but I guess its good that there are people out there that dedicate what I feel is probably a large portion of there time to help.  Anyway Vizdepot - another forum with lots of helpful people ready to answer hard questions.

This competition actually provided the model this time around.  The idea was to not change the model too much but to interpret in your style for a place where you wish you were there.

Our company had done a couple of flashy resorts in and around Dubai and I thought I could take what we had done one step further for this competition.  I barely changed the model - I just added a little extra detail here and there.  It was all about the mood for the image.

I was lucky enough to win 4th runner up in this competition and win some very useful prizes.  Thanks to Vizdepot.com and all the sponsors.

I also did a "making of" for Vizdepot.com which I will post the link here as soon as the site is back up and running which I hope is soon.

Software used: 3dsmax2010, Mental Ray, ZBrush, Onyx Tree, Photoshop & Aftereffects.


Dr No More

In August 2009 I tried my hand at one of the CGSociety challenges.  This was CGChallenge XXIV: Secret Agent.  A great theme that really inspired me to do something great.  I don't know if that is what I achieved but I certainly enjoyed the process and the break from arch viz for a little while.

CGSociety hosts a forum that is literally filled with hundreds of amazing artists from all walks of life doing all sorts of amazing crazy digital art.  Needless to say it was a long shot for little old me had never done anything like this before (character involved)  to place.  But that's not the point - the point is to participate and learn and this I did.

Software: 3ds max2009, mental ray, ZBrush, Photoshop, After Effects.

Also: The cat base was modelled by Richard Lewis

And a little back story that accompanied my final submission:

For many evil years the AMA dangled world peace over the worlds leaders. But this was never to be. The AMA used their power to create uncertainty in the world and dictate how they saw fit from the shadows.
These times were hard as unemployment, poverty and crime were at their all time worst. During such time a handful of the worlds best operatives were rounded up with one objective - To end the evil that to date could not be stopped.
This seemed an impossible task as the operatives were foiled at every turn. The head of the AMA was a ghost who had eyes everywhere and could not be touched...

No one knows for sure when it happened. Winter 69? But it did.
No more war.
No more hunger.
No more hate.


FLW - Ennis House

Yes Frank Lloyd Wright.  One of my favourite American architects.  I modelled this view of the Ennis House early 2009 and then submitted it for the CGArchitect 3d Awards the same year.  I used only photo references and a roof plan I managed to find at the time - now there is lots of reference and street view on Google maps.

The Ennis House (1924) is an amazing example of one the first concrete houses built.  It is now a California State Landmark.  It was the last and most monumental of the L.A textile block homes Wright did.  I'm a fan.

The first colour render is the render I submitted.  I also made some different lighting scenarios and a B+W version for fun.  Modelled in 3dsmax2008 and rendered with Mental Ray.  All post work done in Photoshop.


The Symphony

The Symphony is an entry I made for the NVART 04: Amazing creations competition hosted by CGSociety.org early 2009.

Artists were invited to recreate their most imaginative fantasies in the style of master surrealist, Jacek Yerka. 

My entry was mostly done in 3D using 3dsmax2009 and rendered with Mental Ray.  The clouds and the lightning effects were done in Photoshop.

Welcome, make yourself at home.

I thought it was about time that I had my own little space on the web to showcase various CG pieces I create.  I'm not really a fan of the term "CG" but that is exactly what it is.  Is it art? lets say it is.  I may post some hand drawn pieces every now and then but ultimately they will be part of the process that ends in another CG piece.  Anyway, whatever I do I will post it here.

Until now I have work scattered across various image hosting sites and forums.  They will still remain on these sites forever archived I guess.  However, I hope to create a gallery of sorts in one place using this "blog" format (nothing new I know).

I thought the best place to start was to post all the work from competitions I have entered over the past couple of years.  So over the next couple of weeks or so I hope to have them all on this blog.

I will start with the first one I entered - only seems right to post them in chronological order.  Stay tuned.